About Just Imagine Web Designs

Just Imagine Web Designs offers over 10 years of experience in web design & development, B2B & C2B Ecommerce, project management & business process improvement. We place a special emphasis on client education to empower our clients to make the most effective choices about their web experience.

We offer a unique mix of service that marries business and arts with technology. This helps ensure that our clients have a beautiful website that is useful to them now and in the future while making good business sense. The majority of our client base are small business owners, our core focus.

We know you work hard and do more with less than ever. We believe it's part of our job to identify ways to keep costs down without compromising service. There are no surprise fees hidden in our services or contract – ever. We offer flexible money saving flat rate pricing options. That's part of our commitment to raising the bar to provide you with better service from real human beings who care about your bottom line.

Please ask about discounts for small businesses and non-profit community organizations. We look forward to the opportunity to save you money while helping you make more.