Our Partnership Process: The Steps To Your Success

  1. Information Gathering

    We make the time to listen to your unique needs and address any questions you may have. Then we'll ask some questions to help us better understand your business, customers and needs. We will also proactively offer helpful information based on what you share. In a world filled with cookie cutter options, we decided to break the mold. One size does not fit all so our solutions and approach will be tailored to fit just right for you.

  2. Planning

    We'll keep careful notes and develop a plan with you based on the information shared. The plan becomes our guideline for delivering our solution to you as promised. It also serves as a progress checklist that helps you track progress toward our goal.

  3. Design & Development

    This is the part where we roll up our sleeves and get to work providing you with updates along the way. This is also when we will ask for page text content and other inputs that may be needed. From time to time, we will ask you to review portions of your website to ensure that everything is moving in the direction of your vision.

  4. Testing

    It's time to kick the tires! Every tool, every link, every supported browser and possible end user scenario is tested. It is important that every part not only works, but also does so consistently and intuitively.

  5. Training

    Most of our clients are budget conscious small businesses who prefer to complete as much of their own maintenance as possible. That's why we offer free comprehensive training to make updating your website simple. A component of your training includes helpful resources and information to assist you with decision making as your online presence grows.

  6. Final Approval & Launch

    We walk through your website with you one last time just to be positive that everything is perfect according to our plan. Then it's time for the moment we've all been working toward - launch!

  7. Maintenance

    Don't forget to keep your content fresh by publishing updates on a regular basis. This gives your customers another reason to keep coming back. If things get too busy for this, contact us and we'll be happy to help.